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High-Efficiency Solar Thermal

Renewable Steam and Hot Water

Solar thermal receivers capture sunlight and convert it directly into heat for renewable steam or hot water. AeroShield-insulated receivers create energy up to 3x more efficiently than photovoltaic panels.

Electricity v Industrial Process
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AeroShield Boosts Solar Thermal Performance

As the receiver heats up, thermal losses increase. AeroShield’s transparent insulation allows sunlight to pass, but prevents heat from escaping. The result is 30%+ improvements in solar thermal system efficiency, which improves ROI for end users.

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Foundational work on transparent aerogels was contributed to by AeroShield’s co-founder Dr. Elise Strobach, co-author on work published in ACS Nano.

The American-Made Solar Prize

AeroShield was awarded $500,000 and $75,000 in vouchers at National Labs as a winner in Round 4 of the American-Made Solar Prize. The competition was hosted by the DOE and NREL, click here to read the announcement.

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