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AeroShield conducts successful slam testing

Boston, MA – Nov 21, 2022 - AeroShield is proud to announce we have successfully passed an initial slam test for our aerogel-insulated window prototypes. This test was planned as part of our durability and performance testing roadmap, and highlights AeroShield's progress in silica aerogel manufacturing and window integration technologies.

AeroShield's goal is to enable the next generation of energy-efficient insulated glass products. Over their lifetime, windows and doors can be open and closed tens of thousands of times, and this test simulates a lifetime of use in just a few days. 25,000 slams at 300 g's were performed on an aerogel-insulated prototype, with no delamination or cracking observed.

AeroShield samples being tested in a rig designed to impart 300g's on a door

AeroShield continues to work with National Labs, test agencies, and industry to conduct the testing required to certify our products for the window industry. We are incredibly grateful for our partners' support as we try to save homeowners money and reduce global CO2 emissions. If you are interested in incorporating AeroShield's material into products and supporting AeroShield's testing / certification, please reach out at the contact email below.


Aaron Baskerville-Bridges

Co-Founder & VP Operations


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