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The AeroShield Material

ultra-clear silica aerogel

About silica aerogels

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Silica aerogels are amazing materials with unique physical properties like ultra-low density, super-insulation, and heat resistance. They are best known for being developed at NASA to insulate critical equipment and collect comet dust.

Sometimes referred to as ‘frozen smoke’, silica aerogels traditionally have a blue hue due to their chemical composition and nanostructure.

Our novel aerogel technology

AeroShield manufactures a super-insulating glass sheet based on silica aerogel technology developed at MIT.

This solid material is made up of 95% gas trapped inside pores that are so small the naked eye can’t see them. It’s this unique patent-pending nanostructure that lets us deliver clear, super-insulating performance in a cost-effective sheet.


The Aeroshield material has properties never before seen in an aerogel

More transparent than glass

2x more insulating than air

Lighter than a marshmallow

AeroShield has optimized chemical recipes and synthesis to achieve optical clarity surpassing prior performance in silica aerogels.

Years of development mean the AeroShield material is the perfect solution when insulation, transparency, and weight matter most.

See how AeroShield is developing new materials!

AeroShield is constantly improving the way we make the world's most transparent silica aerogels. Get a glimpse into our R&D facility located in Hyde Park MA.

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