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AeroShield Materials Selected for $14.5M ARPA-E Award to Manufacture Cutting-Edge Energy Efficient Technology for the Built Environment

Boston, MA – June 25, 2024 – AeroShield Materials, an MIT spin out developing cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency applications in the built environment, announced today it was selected to receive an Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Seeding Critical Advances for Leading Energy technologies with Untapped Potential (SCALEUP) award. This award provides new funding to previous ARPA-E awardees that are determined to have a viable road to market. AeroShield is set to receive $14.5M to scale the manufacturing of its aerogel materials for energy efficient windows. ARPA-E is modeled after the success of The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and advances high-potential, high-impact energy technologies.


“We know that windows present a weak point in building efficiency. With this challenge, there is also an enormous opportunity to reduce heat losses from windows,” said ARPA-E Director Evelyn N. Wang. “Aeroshield Materials developed aerogels for high-efficiency insulated glass units through an earlier ARPA-E program, and now with SCALEUP funding, the company will develop a pilot manufacturing facility to validate the cost and performance, in collaboration with their commercialization partners. I look forward to following their progress and commitment to making residential and commercial buildings more energy efficient.”

The ARPA-E award will support scaled-up manufacturing of AeroShield's patented aerogels

AeroShield was founded to commercialize the world’s most transparent silica aerogels, a technology developed during CEO Dr. Elise Strobach’s PhD research at MIT and of which AeroShield is an exclusive licensee. While aerogels have been used at institutions like NASA for decades, they are generally opaque and tinted blue. AeroShield’s patented aerogel has the transparency of glass, far surpassing prior attempts at clarity and enabling new high-value use cases for the material. AeroShield can be added as a coating to the inner glass of windows and doors to improve energy performance by up to 65%, saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Building operations represent 27% of global CO2 emissions, and today’s windows are a major contributor to the lack of energy-efficiency.


“This award validates our mission to decarbonize the built environment, and that windows need to get better to enable the US to meet our energy security and sustainability goals,” said AeroShield CEO Dr. Elise Strobach. “We are excited by the opportunity to bring together ARPA-E, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and leading window and door manufacturers to co-develop and launch super-insulating window products that help home and building owners reduce CO2 emissions by gigatons while saving billions in heating and cooling costs.”

An aerogel-insulated window prototype - which is over 60% more efficient than comparable double-pane windows used in homes today

While development is currently focused on residential windows and doors, the material has a wide range of applications, such as commercial windows, grocery store freezer doors, ovens, electric vehicle windows, and solar thermal energy. AeroShield prototypes have passed industry-standard performance and durability testing for windows and doors, and this award will support scaled-up manufacturing as AeroShield prepares to launch its first transparent aerogel-insulated window and door products into market with commercial partners.

About AeroShield:

AeroShield is a material science company that has developed and scaled the world’s most transparent silica aerogels. Silica aerogels are super-light, super-insulating materials that are more than 95% air. Founded by one of the inventors of the material and spun out of MIT, AeroShield’s mission is to make our lives more sustainable and comfortable. To learn more, visit


Media contact:

Aaron Baskerville-Bridges

Cofounder & VP Operations


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