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AeroShield Wins Round Four of the American Made Solar Prize

AeroShield is proud to announce that we have been awarded the grand prize for the American Made Solar Prize. The competition, spearheaded by the Department of Energy, is designed to support US solar manufacturing by incentivizing hardware and software development. AeroShield was awarded $500k cash and a $75k voucher to spend at National Labs for R&D support.

AeroShield is passionate about sustainability and low-carbon energy and this award enables us to develop full-size prototypes of a solar thermal receiver, work with national labs to do advanced testing and brings us closer to deployment. Our super-insulating transparent aerogels boost the efficiency of solar thermal receivers by allowing light to pass while trapping the sun’s heat (with almost no thermal losses). This proves that the AeroShield material can be used to improve energy efficiency in a wide range of cases.

Update: AeroShield is one of 12 teams to progress to the second round of the Solar Desalination Prize. As a result, we have received $50k in cash prizes and advance to the Teaming Contest, which has potential for additional funding and vouchers.

To read more about the award, the US Department of energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory press release can be found here.

And watch our winning pitch!


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