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AeroShield Raises

Pre-Seed Funding

Investment led by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and partners across the clean energy ecosystem to support development of the AeroShield material for energy efficient windows

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CAMBRIDGE, MA — AeroShield Materials, a manufacturing company specializing in super-insulating transparent materials, today announced it has raised $400,000 in pre-seed funding. This investment was led through the MassCEC BRIDGES syndicate, and was joined by VentureWell, Cayuse Partners, SDX Partners, and angel investors. 

As regulators and consumers push for more energy-efficient buildings, the need for high-performance windows has become critical. Windows are thermal weakpoints in buildings; 30% of heating and cooling energy is lost through windows per the US Department of Energy. The lack of affordable, energy efficient windows results in Americans wasting over $40 billion each year in direct energy losses. 


AeroShield manufactures a groundbreaking silica aerogel that has optical clarity comparable to glass, insulation twice as effective as air, and a significant cost advantage over other high-performance products. Unlike other silica aerogels, AeroShield was developed and patented to be extremely transparent, a necessary breakthrough for use in windows.

The AeroShield team is excited to work with investors that believe in our technology and the impact energy-efficient windows can have on our climate” says Elise Strobach, founder and CEO of AeroShield “This funding will not just support us through the ongoing challenges in the world today; it allows us to stay on strong trajectory in our development, ultimately increasing our potential for impact.”


With opportunities across residential and commercial windows, grocery freezer doors, appliances, and solar thermal heat generation this funding will help AeroShield expand manufacturing capacity to produce larger sheets and engage additional partners.

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